A focus on a career in information technology

The Bureau of Labor Statistics website provides some good reference information on positions and their corresponding education requirements and growth rate.

Many individuals assume this is a normal career path, but leading a team and providing vison requires strategic thinking and the ability to move quickly. I learned about business processes and accounting, making it much easier to automate those processes in organizations.

According to the Department of Labor, the employment of these experts is estimated to grow by 19 percent through Many Americans are aware of this change and have sought to become students of IT. Overall occupational growth Best opportunities by industry Building a New Grid: Mobile The impact of mobile technology cannot be understated as it is altering digital, economic and social landscapes on a global scale.

I think an IT professional should have an almost insatiable interest in what is going to happen next and why.

An IT professional should be patient enough to try different solutions in a systematic way. I teach classes each year in database design and implementation, data warehousing, business intelligence and computer application development.

There are four major focus research areas in informatics education reflecting various disciplines: Could you describe your role and general day-to-day responsibilities? These positions typically assist non-IT users that are experiencing issues with their computers or programs.

The technology industry not only needs programmers and developers, they need writers, graphic designers, project managers, human resource personnel and marketing professionals, and the list goes on.

Data Security Ina data security breach exposed 56 million credit card numbers, while a data attack on Target in led to the exposure of another 40 million credit cards. Venture capital investments in mobile technologies doubled between and and now comprises nearly 8 percent of all venture capital investments.

Ashly says working with health information means she never has the same day at work twice, and she learns something new every day.

Health Information 101

No matter what career you might pursue in the future, technology skills can definitely lead you to bigger and better things. Therefore, these are two unique roles that are equally important. Below are the five trending jobs in IT: Hot in demand due to the internet and technology boom.

Like many other skills, technology skills can be learned on the job. For example, I worked with a team of faculty members to evaluate the implementation of a health information exchange in Nevada that was conducted as part of the HITECH Act.

Would like to work in health care, but not directly with patients. As technology advances, the role of the HIM professional expands. Health informatics programs demonstrate uniqueness by offering varied options for practice or research focus.

It is an integrated discipline with specialty domains that include management science, management engineering principles, healthcare delivery and public health, patient safety, information science and computer technology.

HIM programs incorporate the disciplines of medicine, management, finance, information technology, and law into one curriculum. Want a career where you can choose to work on your own, with others, or some of both. Of course, this also means you must have a strong desire to learn so that you can keep up with the demands of the field.

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At the business level, IT professionals can pursue a range of employment opportunities in industries ranging from healthcare to banking, retail and human resources. In turn, what does this mean for the current information technology industry?

Demand is on the rise at all levels of education and credentialing. Getting the data is one thing; harnessing its power is another. This translates obstensibly that careers in the information technology sector are expected to grow significantly in the upcoming years. In this role, you are normally the first point of contact for the end user in resolving IT problems.

Have an aptitude for science, but also like management, law, and computers.It is a combination of business, science, and information technology. Health informatics programs demonstrate uniqueness by offering varied options for practice or research focus. Why Choose a Career in Health Information?

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How Do You Decide Which Information Technology Career Is Right for You? Posted on August 25, that run on computers or other IT devices like smart phones.

Some software developers focus more on the underlying computer systems that run devices or networks there’s a good chance that a career in information technology is the right. FOCUS 2 has been fully certified in meeting the highest level of standards established by the Association for Computer-Based Systems for Career Information and conforms to criteria established by the National Career Development Association and the U.S.

Department of Labor. The following page serves as a high-level introduction to information technology, from the trends and drivers impacting change, overviews of career avenues and earning potential, as well as a discussion about landing a job in the industry.

Sep 14,  · How to Start a Career in Information Technology Three Methods: Focusing Your Interest Getting Educated and Certified Seeking Your First Job Community Q&A Information Technology is a fast-paced and exciting field that requires working together with both computers and mi-centre.com: K.

A focus on a career in information technology
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