A report on paraplegia

If the patient is to use crutches or wheelchair he must strengthen his arm and shoulder muscles in preparation for transfer techniques. This report draws attention to the need for careful evaluation of symptoms suggesting the presence of a spinal mass, before lumbar puncture, peridural, or spinal anesthesia is planned.

Starting 6 hrs later, the patient developed severe low back pain, headaches, and meningism. The authors considered the neurological complications mainly attributable to the occurrence of neurotoxic effects caused by the injected anesthetic agent which could not be diluted appropriately, due to impaired flow of cerebrospinal fluid caused by the lesion.

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An incomplete spinal cord injury does not usually inhibit circumanal sensation, voluntary toe flexion, or sphincter control. The left wrist range of motion was as follows: Figure 4 Post-operative radiograph showing posterior instrumentation with pedicle screws and rods spanning L2-L5.

We recommend that prompt surgical evacuation of a symptomatic lumbar hematoma resulting from tumoral bleeding should always be attempted. The patient has been living alone and has been independent with all activities of daily living. Even in the presence of severe neurological dysfunction for hours and even weeks, all patients made at least a partial recovery, resulting in significantly diminished morbidity [ 24 ].

Some may never be able to achieve bladder control to any appreciable degree, requiring the use of catheters, penile clamps, or other collecting devices. In the last two reports described, both patients retrospectively complained of a history of increasing radicular pain in both legs preoperatively, but these symptoms were not appropriately diagnosed by the responsible physicians.


This usually means paralysis and loss of sensation in both legs and also paralysis of all or part of the torso. Genetic testing is expensive and not all insurance companies provide reimbursement for this analysis.

Some of these disorders have specific treatments e. Link to this page: The role of decompression, as neurosurgical exclusivity, has been considered as well.

Adequate physical exercise also is helpful in establishing regularity of defecation. Individuals are advised to consult their primary care physician before beginning exercise programs, to begin with low intensity, increase slowly, set small goals, keep records of their progress, add variety, and be creative.

Clinical heterogeneity of autosomal recessive spastic paraplegias: The ankle clonus on the right has disappeared by the second week, and dermatomal, including perianal sensation has been fully regained bilaterally by the fourth week.

Despite the intradural location of ependymomas, the hazards of iatrogenic hemorrhage do not solely occur after spinal anesthesia; they occur also after epidural anesthesia. Parallel advances in gene transfer gene therapy and gene modification e.

In the emergent decompressive laminectomy 17 hrs after the onset of neurological symptoms, dural perforation of the distended thecal sac was found and an ependymoma with intratumoral hemorrhage was excised.

Paraplegia is a form of central nervous system paralysis, in which the paralysis affects all the muscles of the parts involved.

This recommendation is based not on peer-reviewed scientific publications but rather on the reports of large numbers of HSP subjects who state that exercise helps and that periods of reduced exercise are associated with increased symptoms.

A flaccid bowel produces abdominal distention and predisposes the patient to fecal impaction. Left upper extremity strength was normal. Routine magnetic resonance imaging MRI of the brain is usually normal in uncomplicated HSP, and, depending on the genetic type and its neurologic features, in many forms of complicated HSP.

An intraspinal hemorrhage of such cause can lead to intradural tumor seeding, which could consequently enlarge a previously small intradural tumor. He also reported gradual decrease in the range of motion to a point where he discontinued using a hand cycle exercise machine.

Histomorphologic study of the tumor specimen showed myxoid stroma-rich papillary structures with central blood vessels surrounded by radially arranged cuboidal to elongated glial cells Figure 7and was officially read as myxopapillary ependymoma WHO Grade 1.

Depending on the severity of the damage, a person with paraplegia may be able to walk to some degree or may be confined to a wheelchair or other supportive device. GeneReviews staff have not independently verified the classification of variants.

Lioresal or Botox that reduce muscle spasticity. MRI scans of the brain and spinal cord are important in diagnosing HSP because they help exclude other disorders such as multiple sclerosis and structural abnormalities of the brain and spinal cord.

Paraplegia Following A Failed Spinal Anesthesia: Case Report And Literature Review

Hypostatic pneumonia and other respiratory problems are guarded against by deep breathing exercises. Am J Hum Genet. As they learn to become less dependent on others, their attitude toward the future will improve. Physical findings showed an alert, wheel-chair borne patient with stable vital signs and essentially normal systemic signs except for the obvious atrophy from the thighs down, bilaterally, and lumbar tenderness.

Multiple reports concerning intraspinal hematomas with neurologic deterioration following spinal needle insertion exist, but few reports have confirmed intraspinal hemorrhages from an undiagnosed lumbar ependymoma after attempted spinal anesthesia.

The patient learns to avoid foods that produce diarrhea and flatus, and to rely upon a daily intake of fluids sufficient to insure soft, formed stools. If it is anticipated that the patient will be confined to a wheelchair or will use crutches, transfer techniques for moving from bed to chair and from chair to other surfaces are taught.Winner B, Gross C, Uyanik G, Schulte-Mattler W, Lürding R, Marienhagen J, Bogdahn U, Windpassinger C, Hehr U, Winkler J.

Thin corpus callosum and amyotrophy in spastic paraplegia--case report and review of literature. Sudden-onset paraplegia during pregnancy caused by haemorrhage in a spinal cord haemangioblastoma: A case report There was no significant difference in other domains of SF between subjects with paraplegia and quadriplegia.

In adults, paraplegia is most likely caused by multiple Sclerosis; hence the term Multiple Sclerosis Paraplegia. It is a very rare condition and when it occurs, it is due to an advanced subtype of Multiple Sclerosis, where the nerves have been damaged to such an extent that paralysis sets in.


Acute flaccid paraplegia: neurological approach, diagnostic workup, and therapeutic options Author links open overlay panel Gentian Vyshka a Altin Kuqo b Serla Grabova b Eris Ranxha b Liro Buda b Jera Kruja b.

A car that led Youngstown Police on a pursuit through several South Side neighborhoods was being driven by a man who is paraplegic, according to a police report.

Neuroarthropathy of the Wrist in Paraplegia: A Case Report

An injury to the spinal cord may be paraplegia, which describes the loss of sensation and motor function in the lower part of the body.

A report on paraplegia
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