Air asia introduction

Moreover, AirAsia always leaves customers an image as they always delay the flight.

Aircraft leasing or purchasing: There is a Call Center System to tackle problems with customer inquiries. There is also some opportunity to partner with other low cost airlines as Virgin to tap into their existing strengths or competitive advantages such as brand name, landing rights and landing slots time to land.

Most of the aircraft of AirAsia is Airbus model, so the switching cost of AirAsia will be high because if AirAsia what to switch from Airbus to Boing, they would meet a high cost such as the cost of training the pilot and so on.

Safety first, high aircraft utilization, low fare- no frills, streamline operations, lean distribution system, and point to point network. In conclusion, those are the Air Asia strategy to make Operation effectiveness and outstanding efficiency in their business.

Customers can Air asia introduction pre-book the checked baggage in lower rate.

AirAsia mostly use the operation through online and customers can get their tickets by online booking. Human Resource Management to provide recruitment and training to employees to keep them highly skilled and efficient. AirAsia needs to ensure that it had sufficient landing slots to support its flight schedules.

With this strategy, AirAsia can achieve their goals and objective into the lowest carrier airplane in the world. E-commerce is becoming a business tool.

Airasia Introduction Essay

The routes were returned to MASwings a year later, citing commercial reasons. Hence, the rivalry among existing company remain highly. Besides, AirAsia try to maintain the lowest cost hence everyone can fly with AirAsia.

And there are so many complaints from customers who have purchase the flight from AirAsia. The number of old routes discontinued has not been disclosed.

Air Asia Introduction

Air Asia also has some, for example customer can pre-booked checked baggage for lower rate or they can online book hotel or rent taxi and also AirAsia have voucher for flight delay. But being a low cost leader, AirAsia an upper hand because its cost will be still the lowest among all the regional airlines.

By optimizing the system, AirAsia can develop more analytical tools in delivering precise and right decisions on time, such as Customer Relationship Management CRM or E-business Taneja, Good customer service and management is critical especially when competition is getting intense.

Opportunities There are 2 major events that are taking place now or going to take place in less than 6 months from now. ERP was implemented by AirAsia as helps for time saving and speed up reporting and data restoration processes Procurement to search the best quality product among suppliers without driving the cost high To summarize, AirAsia has developed a considerable value chain in its approach to the strategy.

AirAsia have two options in this strategy:AirAsia was established in which founded by government. In it was bought by Tony Fernandes. AirAsia aims to be the largest low cost airline in Asia and serving the 3 billion people who are currently underserved with poor connectivity and high fares.

With a fleet of 72 aircrafts, AirAsian flies to over 61 [ ]. Air Asia is an airline which was established in and started its operations on 18 November On 2 Decemberthe heavily indebte. Free Essay: Introduction of Air Asia AirAsia is Asia’s largest no-frill and hassle-free airline which based on the low cost carrier (LCC) concept in.

AirAsia was established in and started procedures on 18 November It was primarily founded by a government-belongs to conglomerate. Air Asia A. Introduction 1. Objective and scope This paper will analyze the internal and external environment of Air Asia and will look into how it uses Management Information System (MIS), specifically its online reservation system to gain competitive advantage.

Air Asia Introduction Words | 11 Pages OUMM INTRODUCTION TO AIR ASIA AirAsia 1: The AirAsia Logo AirAsia was established in by DRB-Hicom, a Government-owned conglomerate.

Air asia introduction
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