An analysis of the the splendid century life in the france of louis xiv by author l h lewis

Considering the author was British and, incidentally, the brother of C. Jul 19, Eurydicegirlgmail. Instead, the book contains chapters on such things as medicine of the time, life in a typical French town, being a country gentleman, and female education.

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My only other complaint is that the author included a number of phrases or sentences in French without translation, which is obviously only meaningful for someone who reads French not me. There was a lot of sociological history which simply is not where my interests lie. I did find the chapter on the Church a little confusing and I wish the author had provided more background information.

Sep 05, Sharon Barrow Wilfong rated it it was amazing Anyone who has read the Narnia Chronicles or watched the movies know about C. So his work is like a travelogue into the past.

It gives a brief bio of Louis but is not solely concerned with him or the aristocracy. Warren Lewis did not write fiction like his brother and he did not produce much, unfortunately for us, because what he did write is delightful reading, told with a good sense of humor and wit.

France is unique and this social and economic history iswell worth reading. He read deeply in the primary sources because he loved the history of France, and it shows.

That said, this book does provide a very good general overview of the time period and would be an excellent introductory book for that period of French history. Much of it is ridiculous and could hardly be believable except that absolute rulers can act like spoiled, idiot children because of no accountability.

It does not directly reference other scholarly books, it does not contain footnotes, and it does not provide an in-depth analysis of the topics presented.

There was a lot of so It was an OK book. He also used a lot of French phrases, which was understandable but he rarely provided translations. There were a lot of typos and the author let his vocabulary run away with him, using obscure words when more common ones would work just as well.

I should also point out that, while this book appears to be well researched, it is not a scholarly book. The way that chapter is presented seems to assume that the reader has a basic understanding of the history of the Catholic Church.

The author arranges the content by topic, which I found helpful and entertaining.


How he was raised- he became king at age four- and lived under the tyranny of Cardinal Mazarin until the despot finally died. I had no problems with his writing style and found it pretty easy to read.Annotation: A king and a century and its way of life, in a brilliant tapestry that brings the France of Louis XIV into focus.

Rating: (not yet rated) 0 with reviews - Be the first. Nov 16,  · Where can I get summary of The Splendid Century by W.H. Lewis? I have to write an essay about this book.

But I lost this book so I ordered it again from Resolved. The Splendid Century Life In The France Of Louis XIV Item Preview remove-circle The Splendid Century Life In The France Of Louis XIV.

The splendid century : life in the France of Louis XIV

by W.H. Lewis. Publication date Publisher Doubleday & Company, Inc. Collection universallibrary. The splendid century: life in the France of Louis XIV. [W H Lewis] -- Pleasures and palaces are, of course, an enormously entertaining part of this vivid account of France under Louis XIV.

More important is the author's. Click to read more about The Splendid Century: Life in the France of Louis XIV by W. H. Lewis.

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H. Lewis.4/5(5). “The Splendid Century,” penned by the brother of famous author C. S. Lewis (“Alice in Wonderland”), is a depiction of various aspects of life in France during the reign of Louis XIV, gleaned through the author’s thorough research of records, correspondence, and journals of the $

An analysis of the the splendid century life in the france of louis xiv by author l h lewis
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