An overview of and summer is gone by susie kretschmer

This is why she does not talk to David at school. As Amy becomes unfamiliar to him, he notices that she has become a woman, that her body is now curvy and lithe" 2 rather than the carefree, scrawny girl.

The quote means that watching Amy disappear from his life really upset and hurt him, and he knows that she will never again be the person she once was, for she had changed to be like everyone else. He is an introverted boy who is shy and timid. In the end, Amy loses who she once was to conformity.

In addition, she is an insecure girl who cares a lot about what others think of her. This is revealed when Kretschmer writes that "[Amy] hardly [speaks] to [David] at school, ever " She has "stopped eating" 2 for she feels overweight. Moreover, while Amy surrounds the populars and goes to "every party, every football game, every prestigious events at school," 20 David has only "a few acquaintances good enough to talk to between classes" As time passes by, Amy changes into a completely different individual whom David does not recognize.

October 4, 2008

While Amy is insecure and ultimately shallow, her friend, David, is intuitive and secure about his identity. As Amy grows up she is molded by the kinds of influences a stereotypical high school experience has to offer.

She wanted to be perfect, she wanted to fit in. Another side of Amy is that she is a very insecure girl. She changed who she was to please other people and to please her thirst for popularity.

Amy has become a stranger to David. As a kid, Amy was adventurous and outgoing. Friday, March 11, And Summer Is Gone People change all the time, and sometimes they change for the worse, thus ruining friendships. She is an egocentric and insecure person, while David is meticulous and sensitive.

Her insecurities have brought her to become the stereotypical popular girl who "[goes] to every party [and] every football game" 3. She forgets how she used to disregard how she looks in the summer, and is now not herself for David. One literary device used is flashback. Moreover, Amy has lost herself in highschool, she tries to fit in and become popular; therefore, "though Amy wore cutoffs and grungy T-shirts in the summer, during the school year her clothes were the same as theirs" In the short story, " And Summer is Gone" by Susie Kretschmer, the theme stay true to yourself, is portrayed throughout the entire plot.

At the beginning of the story, David and Amy are best friends, who express thier individuality towards eachother in the summer. They make clay pyramids and paint their faces, acting like indians.

The short story “And Summer Is Gone” by Susie Kretschmer describes the changing attitude of a young girl as she experiences the pressures of high school.

The story, told from the point of view of the girl’s close friend, expresses how her urgency to find a comfortable niche in the high school experience has put a strain on their once innocent friendship.

Susie Kretschmer's short story "And Summer Is Gone" is about a friendship that didn't last between two friends. Amy and David, people were once best friends, grow farther and. And Summer Is Gone Susie Kretschmer Stmknt-lI'rimn rtory.

Susie Kretschmer!VllS asmiorat Talawauda High School in Oxford, Ohw, when. her stmy won a Scholastic WritifW Award in W. c're both sophomores in high school now.

I'm fifteen; she'll. be. sixteen in a week. 1 know when her birthday is, ofcourse, just as she knows mine. Mar 19,  · A short music video/film I produced for my Media 11 class.

Just a bit of fun really. Inspired by the short story of the same name and the Toy Story II flashback sequence (Jessie). David-In the beginning of "And Summer is gone" David meets Amy, a girl who just moved in two houses down from him. Throughout the summers Amy and David go to.

An overview of and summer is gone by susie kretschmer
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