An overview of the nation of armenia and the people who live there

Khatchadourian, have been known throughout the world. The country itself is secular as a result of Soviet domination, but most of its citizens identify themselves as Apostolic Armenian Christian. Many people also live in the foothills, at altitudes of 3,—4, feet, and in the mountains 4,—6, feet.

Armenian Genocide

They stopped the Arabian expansion toward the north and provided emperors to the Byzantine throne. By the nineteenth century, the vernacular of eastern Russian and Iranian Armenia became the literary language of the east, and the vernacular of Istanbul and western Ottoman Turkish Armenia became the basis of the literary rebirth for Armenians living in the Ottoman Empire.

An interest in landscape painting, rustic images, a focus on rural life, and ethnographic genre paintings were noticeable in Soviet Armenia.

This last region is a maze of gorges and river valleys cutting through high ranges. The economic crisis of the s caused substantial numbers of Armenians to emigrate. Armenia possesses the second-largest reserves of copper in the world.

Young Turks Ina new government came to power in Turkey. The entire Armenian population living under Turkish rule was thus subjected to systematic annihilation and the survivors scattered through the world in the aftermath of what would be known later as the first documented genocide of the twentieth century.

Surrounding Lake Sevan, it has an area of approximately 11, square miles 30, square kilometers. Petersburgand elsewhere. Nongovernmental Organizations and Other Associations The number of organizations registered as of 31 December broke down as follows: In recent years, because of economic difficulties, there has been a privatization trend.

Armenia has focused on small-scale agriculture since gaining independence in Oshagan, Vahe, special ed. Intermediaries for the European Trading Companies, Contemporary Armenian architecture has followed the basic characteristics of its historical architectural tradition: Inthe mining industry started to recover, with production rising 32 percent in the period from The ethnic cleansing of Armenians during the final years of the Ottoman Empire is widely considered a genocideresulting in an estimated 1.

The republic of Armenia has thus far continued the trend set in Soviet years. By the mids an estimatedArmenians—about one-fifth of the population—had left the country. The new government in Istanbul began to look on the Armenians with distrust and suspicion, because the Imperial Russian Army contained a contingent of Armenian volunteers.

A considerable portion of the Armenian nobility and peasantry fled the Byzantine occupation of Bagratid Armenia inand the subsequent invasion of the region by Seljuk Turks in The mean altitude of the Armenian plateau is 5, feet 1, meter above sea level.

Armenian population by country in thousands: In the current republic, there are outdoor exhibits of newly emerging painters, and new private initiatives are being made.

When they began pushing for more rights within the Ottoman Empire, Sultan Abdul Hamid IIin response, organised state-sponsored massacres against the Armenians between andresulting in an estimated death toll of 80, topeople.Malayan again uses both Armenian and English to issue a stern warning to the disgraced regime: You Are Done; Traitors of the Armenian Nation; Free Armenia; Nikol, the People’s Choice.

The poster also contains the quintessential message of hope, embedded deep within its calligraphic composition: Imagine Free Armenia, the deepest aspiration of.

Oct 01,  · The Armenian people have made their home in the Caucasus region of Eurasia for some 3, years. For some of that time, the kingdom of Armenia was an independent entity: At the beginning of the 4th century A.D., for instance, it became the first nation in the world to make Christianity its official religion.

Armenian People

There is a Jewish community in Armenia diminished to persons since independence with most emigrants leaving for Israel. There are currently two synagogues in Armenia – in the capital, Yerevan, and in the city of Sevan located near Lake Sevan.

Health. Vast improvements of health services occurred in the past mi-centre.comment: Unitary parliamentary republic. The Armenian people are an ethnic group that make up the vast majority of the population of the Republic of Armenia, as well as a large diaspora population around the world.

There are about 3 million people in Armenia, of. The total population of Armenia was estimated at 3, people in July According to the United Nations' Human Development Report, the total population of Armenia in was estimated at million people.

Hence the population has dropped since by more thanpeople, or about 10 percent. Armenians (Armenian: հայեր, hayer) are an ethnic group native to the Armenian Highlands. Armenians constitute the main population of Armenia and the de facto independent is a wide-ranging diaspora of around 5 million people of full or partial Armenian ancestry living outside modern Armenia.

The largest Armenian .

An overview of the nation of armenia and the people who live there
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