An overview of the popular methods used in drug testing

When drug abuse testing was initiated, it was very difficult to carry out the procedure. They are however, the most highly accurate method of testing.

The following media are considered: All oral fluid drug tests are administered under supervised observation, making tampering with the test sample virtually impossible. This type of testing is the most frequently used by employers testing their employees. These three tests are all based on the same general principle.

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There are now many companies that offer testing through the Internet. Gas Chromatography There are two additional testing methods which use a tube made of either glass or metal that has been filled with a substance which has a certain polarity.


This level of accuracy means that they are frequently used in forensic, clinical, pharmaceutical and industrial laboratories. A selection of products are available for sale from mbdetox. The sensitivity of TLC testing is much lower than other types of tests. Most prominently, in the Roman and Greek Olympic times, European sportsmen used drugs to metabolically strengthen themselves in order to augment their performances.

They are used primarily to detect substances used within the past week. The test results were mailed to the parent within two weeks.

The US military initiated the major procedures for drug testing when their troops started having drug abuse problems due to their easy access to drugs like heroin and marijuana. A computer program is then used to compare and analyze the mass spectrum. Blood Testing The most expensive and invasive of all drug testing methods also happens to be the most accurate.

The railroad engineer described in the first anecdote above is an example. This test involves a modification of the way that an enzyme acts in relation to its substrate, lysozyme.

Urine Drug Screens

It found false positive rates as high as 66 percent and false negative rates as high as percent. People who use illegal drugs may represent a threat to the general public whom they serve. Binding antibodies are used to detect specific drugs or groups of drugs.

Medical situations often rely upon TLC to show cases of high-level drug use and instances where the body contains toxic drug dosages. Specificity and Cross Reactivity When it comes to immunoassay, the term "specificity" refers to the way in which the antibody recognizes the drug or group of drugs that is being tested.Overview of Drug Testing.

On January 4,an Amtrak train and a Conrail train collided near Chase, Maryland. In the accident, 16 people were killed and more were injured. Urine drug testing from Quest Diagnostics detects recent drug use and is the only testing method approved for federally-mandated testing.

Quest Diagnostics | The World’s Leading Provider of Diagnostic Urine Testing Overview. An overview of forensic drug testing methods and their suitability for harm reduction point-of-care services. Lane Harper 1, Jeff Powell 2 and ; Em M. Pijl 1 Email author; Some medical device companies may object to such a test being used in a harm reduction setting, even in the presence of qualified health professionals for liability.

Historical Overview of Workplace Drug Testing Programs; Moreover, a similar type of drug testing race also occurs between drug testers and workplace drug consumers.

Introduction. Standardized Drug Testing – Beginning of a New Revolution; Selection of Specimens Used for Testing. Overview; Drug and Alcohol Testing at Work; Laboratory Analysis; If you’re an employer, you need to be aware that there a number of drug testing methods available to you.

To know your options, here is some information about the different types of drug test. but saliva testing is becoming more popular simply because it is less invasive. Methods of Drug Testing at Drug Testing Overview: Drug Testing Law: Drug Testing in the workplace: Methods of Drug Testing: Another test that was once very popular and is easier to understand than EMIT is thin-layer chromatography (TLC).

An overview of the popular methods used in drug testing
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