Data paper

Preparing metadata Metadata text should generally adhere to the instructions for ESA print journals; begin by checking the author guidelines for print manuscripts.

If you feel you might have any difficulty writing an objective review, please contact the Data Editor. Receive credit through indexing and citation of the published paper, in the same way as with any conventional Data paper publication, offering benefits to authors in terms of recognition and career building Increase the visibility, usability and credibility of the data resources you publish Track more effectively the usage and citations of the data you publish.

The motivation or purpose of your research should appear in the "Research Origin Descriptors", where you state the questions you sought to answer, and the background of those questions. Data paper webinar A recorded webinar introducing data papers and providing helpful guidelines and tips for writing them is available from here.

Comments for the authors. If the research premise for the database is flawed, criticize the science, not the scientist. Is the data format consistent with the format defined in the metadata?

Is the writing concise, easy to follow, interesting? Tables should be in HTML and figures should be embedded. Are significance statements justified? It takes effort to prepare, curate and describe data.

Data papers are a unique type of article published in Ecology, used to present large or expansive data sets, accompanied by metadata which describe the content, context, quality, and structure of the data.

Data papers

Please italicize scientific names and the symbols for all variables and constants except Greek letters. This involves extra work, and data publishers need incentives to do it.

Data publishing

If you list a product e. Repositories may be free for researchers to upload their data or may charge a one-time or ongoing fee for hosting the data. Assembly of metadata file. What is a data paper? Such detailed analyses of data sets could, however, form the core of a companion paper submitted to an ESA print journal.

Data papers provide recognition for this effort by means of a scholarly article. In fairness to the author syou should return your review within 3 weeks.

Instructions for Data Papers

Additional charges apply if the file sizes are deemed excessively large. Instructions for Data Papers What are data papers? Please supply up to 12 key words for indexing purposes.

All data papers will receive at least two independent reviews; final acceptance of data papers is by the Data Editor or the Editor-in-Chief. Particular attention should be paid to providing comprehensive documentation of the physical structure of the data, known data anomalies, and quality assurance and quality control procedures employed.

This data paper is a privileged communication. Please do not show it to anyone or discuss it, except to solicit assistance with a technical point. Format references to conform in style to the ESA print journals.

Tables, figures, and appendices. Authors and data compilers. Wiley online provides long-term accessibility and maintenance of data papers.

Supply complete citations, including author or editortitle, year, publisher, and version number, for computer software mentioned in the metadata. Are all and only pertinent references cited?Journal of Environmental Quality Dataset Papers - Author and Reviewer Instructions If an author of a data paper provides new versions of the dataset(s), these will be assigned a new DOI, and the author will be charged at the current rates.

GUIDELINES FOR REVIEWING DATASET PAPERS. Data Papers is also proud to announce our new service, dpDroneWorks. Serving the North Central Pennsylvania area, we offer a wide variety of aerial photography and video services. For some sample videos, visit the dpDroneWorks YouTube Channel. The rise of the "data paper" Datasets are increasingly being recognized as scholarly products in their own right, and as such, are now being submitted for standalone publication.

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Data papers provide recognition for this effort by means of a scholarly article. A data paper is a searchable metadata document, describing a particular dataset or a group of datasets, published in the form of a peer-reviewed article in a scholarly journal. All data papers will receive at least two independent reviews; final acceptance of data papers is by the Data Editor or the Editor-in-Chief.

Instructions for reviewers The following instructions are sent to each data paper reviewer, along with directions for how to access the data and metadata.

Data paper
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