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Outlets like Facebook and Twitter are altering the process by which we make choices, how we spend our time, which movies we see, which products we buy, and more.

Economics is probably not what you think. The demand curve shifted to the right. This initial shift in demand for apples results in a higher price for apples; this higher price will cause the demand curve for apples to shift to the right.

It is not primarily about business.

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The demand curve shifted to the left. As the Bring it Home feature just mentioned, making choices is at the heart of what economists study, and your decision to take this course is as much as economic decision as anything else. Fish and Wildlife Service banned the importation of beluga caviar, the most prized of caviars, from the Caspian Sea.

As you will see in this course, what happens in economics is affected by how well and how fast information is disseminated through a society, such as how quickly information travels through Facebook. China 21 Refer to Figure The statement is false because one cannot assume that apples and oranges are substitutes for all consumers.

It is both a subject area and a way of viewing the world. The funds rep- resent spending on goods and services. The low price makes it more likely that consumers will buy iPods, which are relatively expensive.

The shortage will cause an increase in the equilibrium price of digital music players. We will apply economic ideas to understand current economic problems, including the housing bubble, the current unemployment situation particularly for high school graduteshow Google makes its money and why healthcare costs are rising so fast.

The price of digital music players will rise in response to the shortage; as the price rises the quantity demanded will increase and the quantity supplied will decrease.

What is it then? After all, there are other disciplines you could be studying, and other ways you could be spending your time.

Which of the following statements correctly describes this situation? Some consumers will be unable to obtain digital music players at the market price and will have an incentive to offer to buy the product at a higher price. What is market F and who are eco- nomic agents G? The lower price caused the supply of flat-screen televisions to decrease.

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The statement is false because oranges are inferior goods; apples are normal goods. If the two countries specialize and trade, who should export digital cameras?

Econ Multiple Choice

The demand for digital music players is greater than the supply of digital music players. They should both be importing digital cameras. It is not primarily about money or finance. What hap- pened in the market for caviar in the U. Although Apple makes a small amount of profit per song, total profit is large because the quantity sold is large.

Today, social media giants Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are major forces on the information super highway. The supply curve shifted to the left. It is not mathematics. The statement will be true, if consumer tastes for apples and oranges do not change.Quizzes › Education › Subject › Economics › Econ Multiple Choice.

Econ Multiple Choice. 44 Questions | By Mgaines17 | Last updated: Dec 16, Please take the quiz to rate it. The price floor is set to equal equilibrium price. B. Learn economics multiple choice with free interactive flashcards. Choose from different sets of economics multiple choice flashcards on Quizlet.

Multiple Choice, Economics Review Multiple Choice, Economics online course. The market clearing price. Price ceiling.

Price floor. The market clearing price. Equilibrium. Usually enacted. Sellers of corn, recognizing that the price floor is good for them, have pressured policy makers into enacting the price floor.

Chapter 6: Elasticity Multiple Choice Questions. CHAPTER 6 PRICE CEILINGS AND PRICE FLOORS Concept Check — See how you do on these multiple-choice questions. Think about whether a price ceiling is introduced because the price in the market is too high or too low.

1. Price ceilings and price floors can be either effective or ineffective. As you learned in the lessons above, any price set above the equilibrium price is an INeffective price ceiling, but is an EFfective price floor and any price set below the equilibrium price is an INeffective price floor and an EFfective price ceiling.

Economics multiple choice_price floor HKCEE ECONOMICS | Price floor | P.1 1. /II/24 If the government imposes a price floor below the equilibrium price, there will be A.

a decrease in the sales revenue B. a decrease in the quantity transacted C. an excess supply D. no excess demand 2. /II/27 Filipino maids working as domestic helpers in Hong Kong receive a minimum wage.

Economics multiple choice price floor
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