English language in both monolingual and

English Language in Both Monolingual and Multilingual Classes

In conclusion, this essay discussed the benefits and drawbacks of monolingual and multilingual classes. INTRODUCTION Questions about whether a bilingual can ever fully acquire two language systems, each with monolingual proficiency, and debate over whether knowing two languages helps or hinders the processing of either language, have led to one of the most hotly pursued research questions among contemporary language scientists: Evaluation of a French immersion program: Cognitive reserve refers to the idea that engaging in stimulating physical or mental activity maintains cognitive functioning Bialystok et al.

At one of the school sites, the experimental group scored significantly higher than the control group on the average arithmetic scores, but not on average reading, spelling, or language. The results from this study demonstrate the advantages bilingual children have with attentional control.

Both classes give students different studying environment. These imaging studies have yielded the important finding that specific brain areas are involved in bilingual switching: A probable explanation for this phenomenon is that knowledge of multiple languages keeps the brain alert and therefore more mentally aware for a longer period of time.

More particularly, it examined whether bilingual background improves the ability to manipulate morpho-syntactic structure. Highly proficient and early-exposed adult Spanish-English bilinguals and English monolinguals participated.

The relationship of language brokering to academic performance, biculturalism, and self-efficacy among Latino adolescents. Two different concepts, attentional inhibition and attentional monitoring, are used to measure attentional control. A total of students were followed over a three-year period beginning with the school year and ending in However, evidence from a research study shows that bilinguals have a faster reaction time in most working memory tasks.

As this research was not conducted in an officially monolingual Spanish-speaking country, a monolingual Spanish-speaking comparison group was not available to us.


By constantly being aware of what language to use and being able to successfully switch between languages, it makes sense that bilingual children would be better at directing and focusing their attention.

The results of the analysis suggest that foreign language study in the lower grades helps students acquire English language arts skills and, by extension, math skills. The authors suggest that monolingualism seems to be a risk factor.

Positive effects of bilingualism on Science problem-solving abilities.Language Differences Between Monolingual English and Bilingual English-Spanish Young Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Monolingual English participants were raised in monolingual English families, attended monolingual English schools, and had no exposure to languages other than English until after age 7. After age 7, the monolinguals' second-language exposure was restricted to formal foreign language classes and/or to tourist visits to other countries.

International Journal of English Language Teaching “THE INFLUENCE OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE IN A MULTILINGUAL AND A MONOLINGUAL ENVIRONMET towards the influence of English, both inside and outside the classroom, in two different.

International Journal of English Language Teaching. Hope et al. compare language outcomes in monolingual and bilingual stroke patients, and find that prognostic models based on monolingual data alone overestimate.

Researchers compared about 6-year-old monolingual and bilingual children (monolingual in English; bilingual in English and Mandarin, bilingual in French and English, bilingual in Spanish and English), to test their verbal and non-verbal communication cognitive development.

The research takes into consideration factors like the similarity of the language, the cultural background and education. While both types of classes offer a variety of advantages and a few disadvantages, I feel the multilingual class dynamic would be more beneficial for learning English.

In monolingual classes, the students will speak one common language.

English language in both monolingual and
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