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Post Fatima robinson paper 2nd Chapter on Oct 22, If my daughter were to ask, "Why did Aaliyah have to die so young? The list goes on and on of all the work she had done and all the awards she had received, this is why Robinson was named Entertainment Weeklys most creative people in entertainment.

But I do know that her family, friends and fans will forever miss her and keep her legacy alive. Through the years, with gentle persuasion, her good friends helped her lose those glasses, pull that hair back and share with the rest of the world what we all saw: To my sister, I love you more than you know!

Fatima lost a good friend, but when you experience so much joy in your life, there will be a time when you experience pain as well; you Just have to be a strong enough person to accept and move on. She really began to come into her own, making a great name for herself in the entertainment industry.

Aaliyah, my sister soul, you live on in my heart, my thoughts and in every rehearsal studio I enter. I was fortunate to have known her as my dear, kindhearted, sweet-as-pie friend.

Though the request was an unusual one between close friends, Li-Li was so excited. Her dedication, which will forever remain inscribed in my mind, read: I am deeply blessed that recently Aaliyah took the time to do something special for me.

Not only is that my favorite video for Michael Jackson, but I have always been obsessed with the choreography in that video.

Aaliyah, your talent, beauty and charm inspired our adoration, but in the end, grace was your greatest quality of all.

Fatima Robinson

Fatima began to follow in her idols footsteps when in and she choreographed the Oscars, making her the second African American woman to do ever do so, Debbie Allen being the first.

That Aaliyah respected her parents and always put God and family first. Although well established in the music business and making her mark in film, it was as if Aaliyah were just getting started when she was killed in an airplane crash in the Bahamas on August Before we went to the Bahamas, I asked her to autograph her album cover photo.

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Tell us what you need to have done now! Fatima became the choreographer for the Backstreet Boys, choreographing all of their videos, and their live performances.

I know you are looking down from heaven at every move I make. Unfortunately Fatima had to experience some pain throughout her career, one of the worst being when Aaliyah past away. This exposure bought her attention, and in she choreographed the season premiere of the Drew Carey Show.

As a black woman I am so happy at the accomplishments Fatima has accomplished, and I am so grateful that there is another woman who has set an example that dreams do come true.

Although she is gone, I will always cherish the precious memories. Since that fateful day, I have asked why Aaliyah was taken from us so soon. I was there with her team of stylists, makeup artists and crew--all of whom were like family to her--for a video shoot for her latest single, "Rock the Boat.

In Fatima choreographed the Inauguration event for President Barak Obama, which was one of the best highlights of her career.

Fatima Robinson did what?

These commercials opened the door to many more commercials, allowing her to have six more commercials under her belt between and alone. When Fatima was four years old, her and her family moved to Los Angeles.

I would have never thought that someone who was only twenty one at the time would have choreographed such great dance moves.Nov 26,  · Left, Fatima Robinson, center, the choreographer for the movie “Dreamgirls,” rehearsing with dancers in Los Angeles.

Order Reprints | Today's Paper | Subscribe. Continue reading the Fatima robinson paper. Fatima Robinson has long been acclaimed for her work as Choreographer for artists, such as Kendrick Lamar, Pharrell Williams, Sade, Halsey and many more. Renowned for her ability to blend classic dance-styles with her distinct hip hop flavor, Fatima has choreographed for notable spots including.

earrings & head wrap love it Find this Pin and more on Ms. Fatima Robinson by Star Dust. fatima robinson, choreographer & director "I once watched her and her sister do the butterfly inverted on their heads".

Named one of Entertainment Weekly's " Most Creative People in Entertainment," Fatima Robinson was recently invited to teach a master class at the White House to celebrate African American Women and Dance. Fatima Robinson is a music video director and choreographer.

Robinson has choreographed music videos for artists such as Michael Jackson ("Remember the Website: mi-centre.com fatima robinson paper BY enca Fatima Robinson was born August 29, in Little Rock Arkansas.

When Fatima was four years old, her and her family moved to Los Angeles. Fatima was a very bright young woman graduating high school at the age of sixteen.

Growing up Fatima wanted to follow in her mother’s footsteps by opening her .

Fatima robinson paper
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