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Civil law violations appear in business in numerous ways. The traditionalist approach is steeped in the belief that the basic constructs of right and wrong are fixated even though society is continuously changing its beliefs.

The role law plays in the world of business and its implications to the business professional, as well as, the major sources of law and their intent to either control, regulate, or assist current business practices.

Procedural Law Procedural law, on the other hand, establishes the methods for enforcing the rights that are established by substantive law. Substantive and Procedural Civil and Criminal Basic to the understanding of these classifications are the terms right and duty.

Sociological Jurisprudence Theorists Sociological jurisprudence theorists profess that society ultimately shapes and molds the law and the mechanisms for its enforcement.

Civil Law Civil Law Civil law refers to the laws that define the duties existing between individuals or legal entities meaning corporations. Laws derive from federal and state constitutions, federal treaties, interstate compacts, federal and state statutes and executive orders, ordinances of municipal governments, the rules and regulations of federal and state administrative agencies, and federal and state court decisions.

This catch-all phrase was originally coined by Edwin Sutherland in Classifications of Law To make sense out of huge body of information, laws are placed into various categories.

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No law, Federal or State, is valid if it is in violation of the Federal Constitution. The Legal Environment of Business Overview The legal environment of business refers to the code of conduct that defines the legal boundaries for business activity.

These types of criminal acts are often referred Legal environment of business as white collar crimes. Sources of Law With a basic understanding of the classifications of law, the next question that comes to mind is what are the sources of law and where are laws found? Criminal Law Criminal law differs from civil law in that it is an act prohibited by law for the protection of the public at large.

Substantive Law Substantive Law Substantive law includes all those laws that define, regulate, and create legal rights and obligations. To accomplish this successfully, laws have been categorically classified. The exploration of what law is and how it is defined has been examined by numerous legal philosophers.

Although a number of classifications are possible, the most useful categories utilized are: For example, questions about how a lawsuit should begin, what papers need to be filed, which court the suit should go to, which witnesses can be called, and so on are all questions of procedural law.

To understand these boundaries, it is essential to first have a basic understanding of the law and how it affects businesses and business practices. These two concepts are correlatives, meaning that no right can rest upon one person without a corresponding duty resting upon some other person.

These theories lead to similar conclusions; the primary function of law is to maintain social, political, and economic stability, while simultaneously balancing the need and ability to implement change. It is the basis of employment violations, breaches of contracts, product liability and copyright infringement.

Similarly, the state constitutions are supreme within their respective borders, though keep in mind that all law in the United States is subordinate to the Federal Constitution. The nature of business spans over a number of legal realms, all of which are continuously influenced by the needs and demands of the business community, consumers, and the government.

Unlock This Study Guide Now Start your hour free trial to unlock this page Legal Environment of Business study guide and get instant access to the following: This approach is much broader in scope, since the law is an institution that reflects the societal need for social order.

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A right is the ability of a person with the help of the law, to demand someone else to perform or to cease engaging in a certain activity.

This school of thought views the legal system and the law as a means of providing an orderly, predictable system of social order, change, and legal reform. Nature of Law The study of the legal environment of business encompasses numerous approaches and philosophical theories.

This body of law better known as torts deals with the infringement of one person or legal entity on the legally recognized rights of another. Sutherland defined it as "a crime committed by a person of respectability and high social status in the course of his occupation.

A duty on the other hand, is a commitment placed upon a person to engage in or desist engaging in a certain activity.

Constitution also creates and limits the power of the government. An example of this would be business contracts and contract obligations.

A rule stating that promises are enforced only where each party receives something of value from the other party is part substantive law. Constitution adoptedratified is considered the "supreme law.

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Each has a distinct stake and voice in this vibrant legal environment. Criminal violations in business occur when individuals, in a position of authority, commit criminal actions either against individuals, the company, or the consumer.

Essentially, substantive law relays our rights and entitlements under the law, while procedural law delineates our legal obligations and duties that need to be undertaken to obtain the benefits of those rights.Learn legal environment of business with free interactive flashcards.

Choose from different sets of legal environment of business flashcards on Quizlet. Introduce the structure and function of the legal system from the perspective of a business practitioner with a strong emphasis on the nuts and bolts of legal rules and logic most relevant to business today with THE LEGAL ENVIRONMENT OF BUSINESS, 13E/5(2).

A solid understanding of the legal environment of business should help limit the risk of liability and thus avoid legal disputes. Moreover, it should help you recognize when you need to contact your attorney for assistance in defining the contours of the law, which are the rules of the game.

The law. The legal environment of a business includes the system of laws and regulations to which a business is subject, as well as the related enforcement agencies and.

Legal Environment of Business: A Managerial Approach: Theory to Practice / Edition 1 This textbook emphasizes bridging the gap between understanding legal doctrines that impact the business environment and how business owners and managers use legal insight to limit liability and manage $ You are required to conduct business within the legal environment of the local jurisdiction.

From the business side of the issue, the legal environment generally has three distinct characteristics: The domestic laws of your home country.

Legal environment of business
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