Nokia sustainability report essay

This third report from Hang Lung is fun in a serious way. Get others involved It is believed to be essential to get input from key participants because the company can use this process to drive consensus around programs and then garner buy-in as the action moves forward.

This means discussing the outcomes of what was achieved.

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Since this practice was only discussed in the Nokia sustainability report essay sector, we consider it a best practice of the industry. Even one of the usually deathly boring parts of any report - anti-corruption - is full of color.

Environmental sustainability is covered in great detail, supported by a set of goals. That signals that the industry in general has significant room for an improvement in these areas. I urge you to read it. White paper from http: One idea we had was they could also establish consumer product labeling.

Infographics and some spectacular photos bring the narrative to life. This is gaining importance as supply chains are more globalized, inventories are low and rely on just-in-time processing. Feedback from stakeholders is challenging - and Hang Lung includes a response in terms of a considered list of targets that are driven by these concerns and expectations raised by stakeholders and reflected in the materiality matrix.

For most categories the companies in this industry have scored in the middle of the range. Unfortunately, we are seeing a proliferation of these types of organization and there is no uniformity of metrics being collected.

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I like a report that includes the Board of Directors. In fact, internal and external stakeholder "voices" abound in this report - adding to its credibility and sense of interactive approach to stakeholder engagement. A performance summary against targets and a data table completes the first section of the report that sets the scene for the two-pronged strategy sections, with each describing progress made and specific performance against targets.

Membership organizations reporting sustainable business practices: On the back end of the supply chain, as products become end of life EOLthis industry lacked consistency with recycling or take back efforts.

Best Practices — Highlights During our research, we have found few companies that stand out from the pack in terms of their supply chain management and focus on sustainable business practices.

I like the double pronged approach Because of that, we lack uniform guidelines or standards applicable per industry sector that can help companies establish best practices. I often find that a section called Looking Ahead is usually not worth the space. Each of these issues are dealt with in great detail.

No-one is interested in looking ahead, we are interested in doing ahead. I decided NOT to include any reports that had already been included in one of my Top Ten lists at any time in the past.

I hope I am not offending anyone, but I decided to select one of the sector reports this year for the Top Ten. The average scores for the industry are as follows: It also includes a nice overview of inputs and outputs throughout the value chain.

I have "borrowed" a few insights from my review for this post. Each material section concludes with a Looking Ahead piece. This demonstrates how this small private company takes its sustainability commitment seriously and is aligned to the greater global people, planet and prosperity themes.

Key activities include exploration, development and production with a span across 22 countries. Authenticity for me includes balance, accuracy and completeness. It draws you in to read the narrative. These Top Ten posts are always the most popular posts of the year and get thousands and thousands of views.Yahoo!

has achieved the E-label, because only a little information is published about a policy on sustainability. It is hard to see the effort Yahoo! is making on sustainability. Therefore, more policy and transparency is needed. The photo essay entitled “People at Work” was made by William Daniels at the We are dedicated to eco-sustainability— Corporate Social Responsibility Report Alcatel-Lucent Key Events KEY CSR EVENTS Alcatel-Lucent made numerous strides in CSR.

Introducing this year’s winners, an inspiring group of people working hard to drive sustainability through their organisations. Jan 13,  · The Top Ten Sustainability Reports of Here we are again, time to pronounce my Top Ten Sustainability Reports for Every year I say that selecting my Top Ten is the hardest thing I do on the CSR Reporting Blog and every year I am right.

Sustainability reporting examples Internationally, many entities now publish a report on their sustainability progress and policies on an annual basis. The Global Reporting Initiative website features guidance, resources and support for those organisations preparing to report.

Nokia Sustainability Report Nokia Corporation is a Finnish multinational communications and information technology organization that originated and is headquartered in Finland. Its main products are mobile phones and portable information technology devices.

Nokia sustainability report essay
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