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A sense of something "bigger" than just yourself and your own pleasure is part of unity -- in the case of us on the list the "bigger" thing is an interest in the odd social phenomena known as "raving. The cars taking the Saltair exit already backed up traffic on Interstate 80, causing headaches for Salt Lake City-to-Tooele commuters.

Peacec is the ability to make friends, connect and grow into a family. Dancers graced the stage in gem-studded apocalyptic attire, resembling sequined Mad Max characters. Supposedly in response to a fight that broke out at one of his epic Storm Raves in Brooklyn, New York, Bones is said to have got on the microphone and yelled: The receding Great Salt Lake shore has left acres of sprawling sand flats which serve as a better-than-decent place to watch the sun go down.

Unity is the Music. People are more worried about being DISrespected by others, rather than concentrating on generating and giving respect.

Close by, a giant revolving mirror ball shot flames into the sky on random downbeats. Love is also unbelievably important in order to retain the following elements of PLUR.

This makes it possible to calm down, not be afraid, and let out that first olive branch of friendship. It was around 5: Respect includes things like NOT graffiting on walls at raves, picking up your trash, and giving whatever you can as a donation when the hat is passed at a free event.

One of the earliest[ citation needed ] uses of the term outside the internet, mostly anecdotal, appears to be DJ Frankie Bones in June Galactic Flats, ideal for smaller and local artists, was constructed in the sand on the outskirts of the grounds.

Kandi Kids can often be seen giving unconditional Love towards newcommers, Giving gifts of Bracelets made of many colored beads of different varieties.

Without Love, A rave would become chaotic and create a world of paranoid dancing people. Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. Inside, the Synergy Station hosted bigger artists like 12th Planet, whose bass-thumping beats threatened to shake the wooden bones of the Saltair to sawdust.

Reminding we are all one and interconnected with all life. The mission is to introduce positive solutions to the people utilizing art in various forms such as poems, stickers, clothing and murals to empower and unite the people.

In awe, I asked him what it was like to witness the famed concert. The main show was held outside on the Energi Field stage where a fifty-foot-tall tower adorned with three panels displayed psychedelic graphics and the speakers pumped s and synth waves into the West Desert.

Peace Love Unity Respect City

And even more importantly, each individual is responsible for finding and maintaining and giving peace, love, unity, and respect. These gifts are known as Kandi, and will be discussed in another section. Principles[ edit ] Peace — The avoidance of negative emotions and conflict.

On the flats, concert goers walked among cosmic art installations and through a rainbow arch pathway. The term began as an informal discussion on usenet lists alt.

However, that might just be the nature of any music festival. I met a forest service worker a few years ago from Bethel, NY. SF-raves mailing list archived at hyper-real also noted the use of the term, and there is a flyer archive which might contain evidence of the existence of the term.

Tweet on Twitter Photo by: Understanding can be viewed like things:Peace,Love,Unity and Respect.


43 likes. This is what we all now its not lets make it happen:). Peace, Love And Unity Live from California Roots Festival (Live from California Roots Festival ).

Peace Love Unity Respect Foundation is a (c)3 non-profit organization from the EDM community. We organize monthly group volunteering events & encourage PLUR. Peace. Love. Unity and/or Understanding. Respect and/or Responsibility. Unity is very important in the role of PLUR because with out the U for Unity, PLUR wouldn't even be a word that could be pronounced.

In the song eminem sings, he quotes 'Lose yourself in the music, the moment, you better never let it. Peace Love Unity Respect, commonly shortened to PLUR, is a set of principles that is associated with the rave culture. Originating from early online discussions about rave culture conducted on Usenet, it has been commonly used since the early s when it became commonplace in club flyers and especially on club paraphernalia advertising.

n. The lifestyle concept of Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. Originated in a speech by NYC DJ Frankie Bones early in the history of raves, it's undefined dogma of comraderie for all humanity has been adopted by many ravers as an attempted lifestyle.

Peace love unity respect
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