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Project management is becoming an established profession on its own, like accountancy; it has professional bodies, certification bodies, frameworks and methodologies, protocols, research and best practice. Not only is there a gruelling exam especially if you have been out of university for a whilebut you also need to show evidence that you have depending on education level 3 to 5 years experience in which you have to have accumulated between and hours managing and leading a project and working in a project environment.

This is a massive benefit in itself.

Getting PMP Certified — Study Notes, Tips and Lessons Learned [Fully Updated for the new PMP Exam]

Pmp notes have also seen the trend Pmp notes tenders released by government agencies or private organisations where they require that the leading project manager be certified! By creating these common processes, project managers had something to refer to when looking for best practices.

In addition you also need 35 hours of formal project management education. Of course, there really is no substitute for experience.

Put yourself ahead of the pack Project management as a core skill is growing within organisations, leading some organisations to elevate it from a specialised niche skill to an identified core skill. This ensures that your knowledge stays fresh and that project managers remain current and relevant.

Getting the credential represents a commitment to learning and gives you a solid foundation from which you can continue building your road-tested skills and experiences. The days when an individual was given a project to complete alongside their normal day to day roles are going.

You have to have some serious dedication to get PMP certified!

PMP Certification Study Notes 1 – Terms and Concepts

Distinguish yourself through recognition and credibility Taking the time and making the effort to get certified says something about you. It is only recently that understanding of the value of disciplined project management processes, has become widespread obviously not everyone but a large enough number to make a real difference.

As those of us working in project management know, things have moved on quite considerably. Both of these ANSI standards lend a huge level of credibility to the credentials.

As an employer, I am always impressed by someone had been proactive and fulfilled this commitment to their career, in addition to telling me that they have achieved a set level of knowledge and skill in project management, it gives them just a bit more credibility and says that they will stick it out when the going gets tough.

I definitely believe that being PMP certified has definitely made me more marketable.Free PMP notes,Free PMP Study Material,Free PMP Chapter wise notes,PMP Exam Notes, Free PMP Notes from Lesson Introduction to Stakeholder Management.

Free PMP notes in pdf, Free PMP Study notes, Free PMP Training Videos, Free PMP Chapter wise notes & Short notes, Free PMP Mind Map Diagram & Assistance Doc. This series of PMP® study notes is impossible without the contribution of many Aspirants.

Comprehensive notes by PMZilla Members.

Without their feedback and input, I cannot continually improve and enhance the study notes to cover the updates in PMBOK® Guide 6th edition. NOTE - You can use these HTML tags and attributes. Project management is an incredibly complex field, where no one approach solves all problems.

While different project management methodologies are used across industries, some of them are chosen for wrong reasons. Project Management Certification Online Training | Villanova University% Online · Faculty-Led Lectures · Flexible Schedule · Regionally AccreditedCourses: Esntls of Project Mgmt, Mastering Project Mgmt, Advanced Strategic PM.

Pmp notes
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