Problems facing by muslims ummah

In his book Crisis in the Muslim Mind, Dr. There is no doubt that the welfare of the Ummah lies in avoiding the extreme path.

We, therefore, need to locate the key problems the Muslim nation Muslim Ummah faces today and identify our duties. We must recover the hallmarks of that civilization, namely peace, prosperity and dignity. There, we see that Europe had accepted Arab influences in the matter and method of learning.

Thus, we have watched as other countries have planned for the future by emphasizing the very things that have created technologies that are compelling and popular. We cannot prosper or live in dignity without peace.

Islam and its Challenges in the Modern World

If a synthesis between the expertise of the scholars Alims and the ideas of the thinkers Mufakkirs can be attained, only then is it possible to arrive at a pragmatic and realistic solution to these problems. The students now graduating from the Madrasas are not capable of running either the economic sector or the administrative sector of a country successfully.

And the next stage must be our conscious and deliberate effort to follow the footsteps of the Holy Prophet SAW. The limitation of civil and political liberties is particularly severe in the case of women in many Muslim countries.

Mahathir Mohammed who had brought economic stability to his country is now being maligned so cruelly that his reputation is touching the lowest ebb. Granted that there is a world-wide wave of Islamic revivalism, Muslims have no aggressive designs against anyone, at home or abroad.

If we are able to introduce these two new subjects in the curriculum of the Qaumi Madrasas, these educational institutions will also produce eminent Alims who shall be simultaneously capable of fulfilling the general economic and administrative needs of the societ.

Saudi Arabia enjoys much of its strength to repudiate other claims because it remains the economic centre of the ummah. Emotional outbursts and empty rhetorics would not help us for long. This awakening on their part is taken as a challenge to the West and Muslims are denigrated in the loudest possible terms and their activities are seen as a big threat to the West.

The new Dawras would be added to the course content for the last four years only. London, Routledge,p. Vatikiotis, Islam and the State, p. National action alone will be inadequate. This is an area where many Muslim countries are weak. Islamic parties in different countries are trying to reform the government by participating in democratic elections.

How strange is that? The entire situation is somewhat farcical. The students, thus, acquire a basic knowledge of Islam alongside knowledge of the subjects in their field of specialization. In fact, they are eager to bring about a greater sense of unity in the Islamic Ummah and greater cooperation and closer integration between the different Muslim states.

Yet, our curriculums and our teachers, being the products of cultural norms in most Muslim countries, remain wedded to the past and unable to produce persons of creative minds and innovative ways of thinking.

It is interesting that so prominent and successful a Muslim leader as Dr Mahathir had to tread a fine line: Art protects humanity from all that can bring it down and allows spirits and hearts to soar high into a sky filled with optimism and hope and to move steadily down the road of innovation, creation and discovery.

If we can accept our own monotheistic traditions and the role of prophets we must recognise the genuine prophetic claims of others.The Contemporary Challenges Of The Muslim Ummah Religion Essay.

Disputes over which tribe had the right to succeed the leadership of the Muslims ummah after the death of the prophet eventually led to the most serious and dangerous schism among Muslims.

those who created the economic, political and social problems that we are facing.

Challenges Facing The Muslim Ummah

The problems facing Muslim nations thinking and innovations epitomized even by great Muslims themselves such as Ibn Sina Avicenna, Ibn Al-Haytham Alhazen and many others. is expelled.

The problems facing Muslim nations

Challenges Facing Islam and the Muslim Ummah Columnist Col (Retd) GHULAM SARWAR discusses the difficulties facing Muslims in today's world It is a fact, universally acknowledged that current world crises have assumed alarming proportions, leaving everybody in a state of utter awe and fear.

The Challenges facing Muslims The challenges facing Muslims at our present time are many and varied. Some of these challenges are internal within the Muslim Ummah while others are external.

The external problems. In the Hadith Sahih, Rasulullah (Salla Allahu alaihi wassalm) said: “Whenever a.

What are the problems being faced by the Muslim Ummah in the contemporary world? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 3 Answers. Sankara Saranam, Star of DrunkJesusTV, author, What problems are Muslims facing in India?

What is the biggest health problem facing the world today? Dec 16,  · Challenges Facing Islam and the Muslim Ummah Columnist Col (Retd) GHULAM SARWAR discusses the difficulties facing Muslims in today's world It is a fact, universally acknowledged that current world.

Problems facing by muslims ummah
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