The ethical problems of tourism sex

In the United States and other developed countries, there are laws protecting women against discrimination. Many children are employed as kitchen-hands, cleaners, shoe polishers, and sales representatives. Enclave tourism resorts are usually operated by big foreign corporations, where the tourist can experience and fulfil the entire travel intentions in one resort without the need of going away from it.

The possibility of relatively high earnings, low value attached to education and cultural obligation to help support the family make children vulnerable to physical and sexual abuse, drug abuse, child pornography and molestation.

On the other hand, in Japan, Korea, and Saudi Arabia, there is gender inequality; men are favoured over women for senior positions in business organisations and renumeration. They noted that in France, Belgium, Greece, Germany, and Luxembourg, deducting foreign bribes as business expense is a legal practice.

They believe that they need cheap books and software to enhance their knowledge and thus assist their countries in future development. Thus, what is an ethical practice in the foreign country may not be ethical in the host country.

Lying and providing other companies and customers with false information is a com-plex ethical dilemma. The two models of holidays include all-inclusive holidays and enclave tourism resorts.

The Philippines, eke some other Southeast Asian countries, has an unfortunate reputation for prostitution and sex tourism. However, the nation continues to have problems with the Nepalese community living along its borders.


Similarly, nations differ in their attitudes toward copyright violations. Indeed, the whole planet is littered with disputes about race, origin and territorial problems. This should create a quality product for many years to come. Indeed, it is becoming a trend around the world that more and more nations are beginning to respect the environment more, yet neglect human rights issues.

If those improvements were adapted, the company could be truly ethical to the local people. Is it fair to have all these people visiting the destination, using the supply of finite resources such as water, polluting the area with waste and big hotels to get so little in return?

Conclusion and personal stand: All-Inclusive holidays are one of the most trendy types of holidays in the last couple of decades and the biggest tour operators such as TUI are keen on this holiday model.

This is an indication that the company is going in the right way, to minimise the negative effects of tourism developments. In Western countries such favoritism is regarded unacceptable. In poor countries it is a common practice to sell underage children for sexual practices.

However, nations differ in their attitudes toward lying and deception. In fact, bribery is sometimes the only way of doing business in certain cultures. Bambang Saee stated that while in collectivistic cultures such as Malaysia or Hong Kong, misleading advertising is considered acceptable, in individualistic cultures such as the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States, misleading advertising presents a major problem.

Their role is strictly limited to education and health care. It enjoins local officials to promote and support activities for the protection and total development of children, particularly those below seven years of age, and adopt measures to prevent and eradicate drug abuse, child abuse, and juvenile delinquency.

This, straight from the start is unethical as the industry is taking away the only source of income or food from the people who live there, alongside with finite resources such as water that people drink or use to grow crops.

According to the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women ,some fifteen thousand Australian men a year visit Angeles, north of Manila, on sex tours; plenty of Americans, Brits and Europeans join them, while Koreans, Taiwanese and Chinese have developed their own networks, usually based on karaoke bars and restaurants.

Taking water away from people who need it to survive to create a nice holiday resort with green grass and swimming pools is unethical if it is not well planned. Conflicts arise when foreign companies or tourists are confronted with local norms and behaviors, and fail to take into consideration the complexity of cultural values or religious traditions and beliefs of the host country, and vice versa.

As it is obvious, corruption is the misuse of authority for personal gain, which need not be monetary. The child protection law, Republic Act No.

In some developing countries, the commercial sexual exploitation of children is related to foreign child sex tourism. Child labor is one of the most important issues in the discourse of business ethical dilemmas. Firstly the enclave tourism resorts are usually big developments that take a lot of space and land, sometimes a land that is used by local farmers.

There is a big range of types of tourism, but the most damaging types of tourism include the tourism which is catered for the mass market. These job opportunities could have been taken by the local people, who could support the local economy and their families instead of the people from the UK, who look for rich range of experiences.

This is regarded as acceptable and legal. This in effect is a problem, as there is many unethical consumers.

Some of them may not be aware of where their money is going, but others may not have sufficient funds to buy the local products. One of the areas in which individualistic and collectivistic nations differ most is that of gender equality.

Leakage is one of the most common issues with the all-inclusive packaged holidays, which means that the money which meant to improve the quality of life for local people is going back out of their economy.

The Ethical Problems of Tourism: Sex Tourism Essay Sample

The enclave tourism resorts in a lot of instances also commercialise the local culture to suit the expectations of tourists, which gives the wrong perception to people of what the actual destination is, which is a false advertisement of the local life.This section gives a specific and detail account on issues related to medical and sex tourism, tourism and indigenous population and tourism for physically and mentally challenged travellers.

The fast development of medical tourism for example provokes a number of ethical concerns for both - hosting destinations and tourist-generating. The Ethical Problems of Tourism: Sex Tourism Essay Sample.

The ethical dilemmas in tourism and hospitality

Sex tourism is the term used for travel with the intent to engage in sexual activity. Ethical issues. Finally, ethical issues are also the aspects as crime generation, the practice of child labour and prostitution.

With the growth, urbanization of an area, and growth of mass tourism is often the main reason that crime rates typically increase. Ethical Travel Issues.

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Unlike in for this reason the country was not included in the acclaimed list of “The Developing World"s 10 Best Ethical Destinations” announced annually by the Ethical Traveler.

Costa Rica is beginning to acquire the same status as places such as Thailand and Vietnam, notoriously known destinations for sex tourism.

problem of ethics seems to be that of understanding the Other and his needs. This will be the first step towards the solution of ethical problems in the sector of tourism. Key-words: ethics in tourism, negative impacts of tourism, sex tourism, sustainable tourism Μoira, P. – Katsoula O. (). «Ethics in Tourism».

The ethical problems of tourism sex
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