Three idiots a reaction paper

He looked at the big book the class prof was using, and he wrote two words in the blackboard. A passion for the thing that you are doing to be able to achieve what you are striving for without hesitation.

It is truly world class because it caters different audiences, whether young or old. Even though he pursued engineering and become an engineering student in a top 1 Engineering University, his love for photography is still in him.

We then channelize all our energies in chasing this perceived notion of success, instead of focussing on excellence in our respective fields of operation.

Rancho once said that the system highlights grades and jobs instead of ideas and inventions. If we love technology so we better strive for an education that would teach us more about technology.

We must not take things for granted. The movie was really amazing and I can watch it over and over again without feeling bored and any monotony. Do not be afraid on what you do for there is always an answer in every problems.

Even Chatur who competed wildly against Rancho bowed down to him towards the end of the movie.

Our attitude composes our being and it is made even stronger by the experiences that we encountered in our lives. Each one of them has their own characteristics and dreams in life and they have distinct talents and skills in which it helps them to achieve what they have become in the future.

This is college, not a pressure cooker. For example, during their first night at the university he did used what he had learned from physics that salt water is good conductor of electricity.

For they are passionate on what they do they always excel on what they do. If would choose among the three characters in the movie, I will obviously choose Rancho or Rancchoddas Shamaldas Chanchad because he stands out above them all. Thumbs up for this movie!! If we love cooking then we should follow our passion and strive for excellence in doing it.

Three idiots a reaction paper will not be able to graduate in time because of what happened last night and made a bargain with him.

As the professor was curious for what we had left he ask Rancho for it. He is a good friend to his friends; he would help them when they are in need. A part of it also makes you cry and makes you realize things. Virus in his office. He is a perfect example of genuine wisdom. He inspired their lives and taught them to follow what would make them happy.

He thought that he is in bad company his friends would distract him in his studies and would be the reason for his failures in class. It is not wrong to stand up and talk to them what we really wanted but it should be in a nice way in which they would really understand what we really wanted to tell them.

I watched his movies because all were very inspiring and have lots of lessons to teach us. They talked on his office and gave Raju a warning. Because we love what we are doing.

He is a type of person in which he values his family so much because for them, he is their last hope for their family.

It would a foundation for our success in the future, all the things that we learned in this so-called life. We tend to make mistakes and we should accept it even though it would hurt our pride.

Despite his super bubbly nature, he touched his friends in a very deep way, it made Farhan and Raju cry. Another important lesson that I learned is that if I became a teacher, I would not do what Mr.

On his start in college he was ask define to define machine and we define it in a simple words the prof was not happy with it.Jul 29,  · The 3 Idiots Movie Reflection. Posted on July 29, In the movie, “The 3 Idiots”, it just simply portrays our lives in college.

If would choose among the three characters in the movie, I will obviously choose Rancho or Rancchoddas Shamaldas Chanchad because he stands out above them all.

The 3 Idiots Movie Reflection

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3 Idiots Reaction Paper. Uploaded by JamesDaculla. Related Interests. Test (Assessment) Psychological Concepts; Psychology & Cognitive Science; Cognition; Cognitive Science; Rating and Stats. Industrial Leadership Dean of the institute in 3 Idiots is showing very typical leadership. Life is management of emotions and not optimization of /5(4).

Reaction Paper:`It all started in the college days of three best buddies: Farhan Qureshi, RajuRastogi, and Rancchoddas Shamaldas Chanchad “Rancho” at the ImperialCollege of Engineering, India. Farhan, is one of the many college studentswho was forced to pursue his parent’s dream of becoming an engineer.

Reaction Paper 3 Idiots

Rajuis a poor lad who strives hard to get good grades yet he still gets low 3 Idiots: Reaction Paper 3 Idiots is a story of true friendship, leadership and fulfilment of dreams. This is one of the best movies I have seen. We will write a custom essay sample on Reaction Paper on 3 Idiots Movie specifically for you for only $ $/page.

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Three idiots a reaction paper
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