Voyles v the state of texas

Voyles then stated that he would not do so, as cars passing over the road would run over them. Voyles was charged and indicted for possession of child pornography which is a third degree felony.

Court of Appeals of Texas,Fort Worth. Court of Appeals of Texas, Fort Worth. In the email, "C. In fact, because the only testimony presented at the suppression hearing was that of Sergeant Crouch, there is not any evidence in the record substantiating Voyles s claim of privacy. Actually, he had pled guilty to a second charge of burglary.

Griggs was crying while they were in the kitchen, at which time appellant "just drew back his fists, but he never did hit her or nothing. They saw the hand and on investigation found what appeared to be the remains of a body tangled in the debris in the creek.

There the appellant and Mrs. Under these circumstances, although some prejudice may result from admission of the prior DUI violations, there is nothing unfair about it.

However, in reviewing the record, we have found no evidence to support his contention. This Court said in Shanklin v. He further told the daughter that he had received a letter from her mother and would bring it the next time he came by.

Brown testified that Mayo told him that he owned the car. Under the applicable statute, it was only necessary for them to find one aggravating circumstance. Admittedly, the proper motion was made and an order was entered on April 25,sustaining the motion and directing the state to produce such evidence by May 3, About two weeks later, Voyles came back to Mrs.

Standard of Review We review a trial court s ruling on a motion to suppress under a bifurcated standard of review. On August 23,Voyles filed a motion to suppress, alleging that all of the evidence obtained from his computers was inadmissible as the product of an unlawful search and seizure in violation of the First and Fourth Amendments to the United States Constitution and article I, sections 9 and 10 of the Texas Constitution.

Appellant contends that the introduction of four photographs made by the law enforcement officials of the remains of the body taken from the creek were inflammatory and prejudicial and should not have been admitted. Those marked "refused" on the guilt phase of the trial were either erroneous or repetitious of other granted instructions.

When they reached the creek bridge, Mayo told him to stop the vehicle on the bridge, which he did.The Voyles Law Firm provides nationwide litigation services in both state and federal court, and practices in the areas of Entertainment Law, Employment Law, Domestic Relations, State and Federal Workers Compensation, and Disability and Social Security.

Opinion for Voyles v. State, S.W.3d — Brought to you by Free Law Project, a non-profit dedicated to creating high quality open legal information. Thus, Voyles lacked complete dominion or control over the unit. See Rogers v.

State, S.W.3d(mi-centre.com-San Antoniono pet.) (holding defendant who gave personal computer's hard drive to technician to repair lacked sufficient dominion or control over the pornographic jpeg files when he asked technician to back them up).

Bell v.

Voyles V. the State of Texas Court Case Summary

State, So. 2d (Miss. ); Irving v. State, So. 2d decided August 2, ; Washington v.


State, So. 2d 61 decided July 12, The first requirement is that the Court make a meticulous examination of the evidence presented to the jury. This has been done and a resume of that evidence follows.

Johnson CERTIORARI TO THE COURT OF CRIMINAL APPEALS OF TEXAS _____ No. Argued: March 21, Decided: June 21, This case analysis of Texas v. Gregory Lee Johnson was a Supreme Court case that overthrew bans on damaging the American flag in 48 of the 50 states.

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Voyles v. State

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Voyles v the state of texas
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