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Top of Page Emissions by Country Source: Gore in his Who was most responsible for the said the analysis underlined that it should not fall to governments alone to act on climate change. Some hospital policies may use the terms attending or admitting physician to designate these types of responsibilities.

The burning of coal, natural gas, and oil for electricity and heat is the largest single source of global greenhouse gas emissions. Greenhouse gas emissions from this sector arise from onsite energy generation and burning fuels for heat in buildings or cooking in homes.

Greenhouse gas emissions from this sector come mostly from agriculture cultivation of crops and livestock and deforestation. This information should be clearly documented in the medical record.

Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions Data

Identifying the most responsible physician also known as the most responsible practitioner and properly managing handovers of care can improve patient safety and reduce medico-legal risk for physicians. These data include CO2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion, as well as cement manufacturing and gas flaring.

ChevronTexaco was the leading emitter among investor-owned companies, causing 3. Exit Carbon dioxide CO2: There are, however, limitations on the extent to which an MRP may rely on the duty of others.

If the hospital or healthcare facility does not already have a policy or procedure in place outlining the expectations of the MRP, the physicians may want to establish protocols to help prevent potential breakdowns in the chain of communication both among healthcare team members and with the patient, and thereby help ensure that inconsistency or redundancy in care is avoided.

In third place, BP caused 2. The public and private sectors alike must do what is necessary to stop global warming," Gore told the Guardian. Leaders meeting in Warsaw for the UN climate talks this week clashed repeatedly over which countries bore the burden for solving the climate crisis — historic emitters such as America or Europe or the rising economies of India and China.

The MRP and the consultant should clarify their respective roles in ordering investigations and treatments and providing follow-up care. The term most responsible physician MRP generally refers to the physician who has overall responsibility for directing and coordinating the care and management of an individual patient at a specific point in time.

However, changes in land use can be important: Emissions from industrial electricity use are excluded and are instead covered in the Electricity and Heat Production sector. Many of the same companies are also sitting on substantial reserves of fossil fuel which — if they are burned — puts the world at even greater risk of dangerous climate change.

All but seven of the 90 were energy companies producing oil, gas and coal. The largest of the investor-owned companies were responsible for an outsized share of emissions.

Navigating legal or regulatory processes The most responsible physician: The former US vice-president and environmental champion, Al Gore, said the new carbon accounting could re-set the debate about allocating blame for the climate crisis.

Agricultural activities, such as fertilizer use, are the primary source of N2O emissions. We do not normally talk about Mexico or Poland or Venezuela. This sector also includes emissions from chemical, metallurgical, and mineral transformation processes not associated with energy consumption and emissions from waste management activities.

Physicians should be aware of any policies in their hospital or institution that might define the expectations of the MRP.

The most responsible physician: A key link in the coordination of care

In a recent case the standard of care of an MRP has been described as follows: Fossil fuel combustion also generates N2O. Agriculture, deforestation, and other land-use changes have been the second-largest contributors. The information contained in this learning material is for general educational purposes only and is not intended to provide specific professional medical or legal advice, nor to constitute a "standard of care" for Canadian healthcare professionals.

Department of Energy, doi Likewise, land can also remove CO2 from the atmosphere through reforestation, improvement of soils, and other activities. What does it mean to be the most responsible physician? Department of Energy, Oak Ridge, Tenn. Black carbon is a solid particle or aerosol, not a gas, but it also contributes to warming of the atmosphere.

Global Emissions by Gas At the global scale, the key greenhouse gases emitted by human activities are: Martin Strban, et al. An MRP is not absolved of responsibility with respect to a medical condition simply because that medical problem is beyond the expertise of the MRP Many hospitals, for example, have policies that set out the responsibilities of the MRP for managing patient care during regular or on-call coverage.

The MRP is responsible for writing and clarifying orders, and providing a plan of care, obtaining consultations as appropriate, coordinating care, as well as the discharge process.

It is helpful if patients and families are also made aware of who is most responsible for care at particular points in time and encouraged to raise their questions and concerns.

Just 90 companies caused two-thirds of man-made global warming emissions

With expanding scopes of practice of other regulated health professionals, it is possible in some circumstances that a non-physician might also be considered the most responsible practitioner.The most responsible physician: A key link in the coordination of care.

Identifying the most responsible physician (also known as the most responsible practitioner) and properly managing handovers of care can improve patient.

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The 3 Steelers most responsible for replacing Ryan Shazier

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