Writing about film class syllabus

Bear in mind that mechanics and content cannot be separated: You are expected to be fully prepared to participate when class begins—that is, to have read and thought about whatever readings were assigned and to have the required writing with you. For you to download: As Told to Alex Haley. They emerge, usually, from many time-consuming drafts: Always submit your written work on time; late work is marked down.

You may phone me or email me. You must complete all written assignments to pass the course.

You will develop and write preliminary response papers and drafts, for which you will receive feedback. To get the most you can out of the course, you need to make each draft a complete, full-length essay that is, a piece of writing with a beginning, a middle, and an end with a controlling thesis, solid structure, and supporting evidence.

Your portfolio will reveal your growth as a writer over the course of the semester. Any student who is more than 15 minutes late in joining class will be counted as absent. Together as a class, we will explore specific writing issues and challenges common to college writing assignments.

Lateness of any sort—in joining class or turning in work—will be penalized. I hope that even if you are generally reserved, you will make an effort to participate in discussions.

Please print one copy for yourself from this site. In other words, your preliminary exercises and drafts help you explore your ideas in writer-based prose; your final draft turns those ideas into reader-based prose—an essay that readers will find clear and persuasive.

Harvard Guide to Using Sources: The first essay will ask you to write on one essay to do with an educational issue, loosely termed; the second will be a close reading of a short story. Electronic resources While you are registered for a course, you have access to approximately 3, databases and journals through the Harvard Libraries Portal.

Please prepare for these conferences by rereading your draft and making some notes for yourself regarding the possible ways you might go about revising. Licensed electronic resources are accessible from most computers within Harvard libraries or remotely by using a Harvard ID number and PIN.

Such lateness is extremely disruptive to our schedule and discussions, and is unfair to the other students who do participate and hand in work on time. Because the text is densely printed, I recommend printing on one side of the page only.

Please be sure to get the right edition 4th: You will then revise those early papers into a full draft, giving your analysis time to evolve and grow more interesting and complex. Key concepts of academic argument—such as thesis, motive, evidence, and structure—will be introduced and reviewed; you will also learn strategies for reading and analyzing complex texts.

For you to Access frequently: If you are absent from class without valid excuse more than twice, you risk being excluded from and failing the course. Class begins at 7: Please proofread your work before you submit it. We will discuss how to cite sources in this course; please refer also to A Short Guide chapter 13 pp.

You can learn how the Writing Center works and how to set up a tutorial through the link on the HES website: Sharing ideas—especially those you may feel tentative about—is a mark of intellectual generosity. If you must miss a class, please notify me by email in advance, and consult our class website for any missed materials.

The first draft or two is always more like a conversation a writer has with him- or herself than it is a communication with readers. This course is divided into two units in which you will write short exercises, then drafts of essays, and then full revisions of those essays.

These conferences will be devoted 1 to discussing how to revise your essay to make it express more effectively what you want the essay to say and 2 to setting goals for the assignments to come.

Grading I will grade only the final version of each essay, but I will comment on each first draft. Be sure your technology is in good working order and that you keep your work backed up on a thumbdrive or such.

Please be sure to get the right edition 5th: Bear in mind that your writing grows strongest when you treat it as a process.

A good dictionary—not a pocket-sized but a college-edition dictionary. I adhere to the following criteria: For this course, please use the MLA in-text citation style.SAMPLE SYLLABUS – This syllabus is provided as a sample.

Some course content may vary. 1 DEPARTMENT OF MEDIA, CULTURE, AND COMMUNICATION E FILM: HISTORY & FORM Course Objectives: This is a survey course designed to introduce you to the broad range of theoretical, formal, and historiographic issues specific to cinema.

This course is a writing intensive class that examines the elements particular to screenwriting for short films via lectures, screenings, writing assignments and in-class readings/critiques.

Topics include the Syllabus: Writing the Short Film CE | Summer Continuing Education. English: Screenwriting.

Tentative Syllabus, Spring Semester One Original Screenplay Short (around 45 pages) or the first half of a feature-length film.

I don’t recommend taking this class with another writing class this semester or a with heavy class load of writing or reading. 1 Course Syllabus ENG – Writing about Film Fall COURSE TITLE Writing about Film COURSE NUMBER ENG CRN PREREQUISITES CREDIT HOURS CONTACT HOURS CLASS MEETING TIMES CLASS METHOD 45 Monday – Upper Keys Center This course is designed to meet face to face in the.

Drop-In Writing Tutoring.

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Learning Support Services. Monday - Thursday 3 - 6 pm. ARCenter, room Call to book a minute appointment. Film Studies—Course Syllabus 4 September Rm. Mr. Weintraub [email protected] an ambitious project in which you will translate selected screenplays from class into short films.

Yes, writing and creating will occupy much of our time together this year. Your primary tool in this class will not be a .

Writing about film class syllabus
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